Texas A&M University Hosts Texas Systems Day

On Friday, March 28, Texas A&M University has the pleasure of hosting “Texas Systems Day” at Rudder Tower. This workshop brings together researchers from universities around the state in the fields of systems, controls, and robotics. It is planned to make this an annual event with locale rotating among the universities

The plenary speaker is Professor Jessy Grizzle of the University of Michigan who will talk on the subject of underactuated 3D walking by robots. There will be a Panel Discussion on the topic, “Future Directions in Systems, Control & Robotics.” Other talks include, “Translational Control Design for Lower-Limb Prosthetics and Orthotics: Lessons from Robot Locomotion”, by Prof. Robert Gregg, Mechanical Engineering and Biological Engineering at UT Dallas, “Multiscale Robotics and Control: from Microns and Milimeters to Human Size”, by Prof. Dan Popa, Electrical Engineering at Next Generation Systems lab and UT Arlington Research institute, and, “Architectures for Learning and Representation in Robotics”, by Prof. Mohan Sridharan, Computer Science at Texas Tech.

Texas A&M will also have two professors giving presentations, Prof. Bryan Rasmussen from the Mechanical Engineering Department presenting, “Distributed Control of Building Energy Systems”, and Prof. Raktim Bhattacharya from the Aerospace Engineering Department presenting, “Computational Uncertainty in Cyber Physical Systems”. To conclude the day, there will be a poster presentation and reception in Koldus room 110.

The Steering Committee of the conference consists of Prof. P. R. Kumar of Texas A&M University, Dean Mark Spong of the College of Engineering at University of Texas, Dallas, and Prof. Ari Arapostathis of University of Texas in Austin. Prof. Raktim Bhattacharya serves as the Chair of the 2014 Organizational Committee, with members consisting of Profs. Steve Yurkovich from UT Dallas, Kamesh Subbarao from UT Arlington, Beibei Ren from Texas Tech, Fathi Ghorbel from Rice, and Ari Arapostathis from UT Austin.