Texas A&M Big Data Workshop 2015

This event was a one-day local workshop on Big Data at Texas A&M aimed at A&M faculty, researchers, and collaborators. It aimed to foster connections across disciplines that intersect this area, and help people to identify opportunities for collaboration. The workshop was structured in sessions of short overview talks (15 minutes) organized thematically, with plenty of time for discussion amongst participants.

Event Date

February 13, 2015


Dilma Da Silva (Texas A&M CSE) and Nick Duffield (Texas A&M ECE)

Workshop Program

9:00-9:15 Welcome and Introduction
Nick Duffield, Electrical and Computer Engineering

9:15-10:30 Session A: Physical Sciences and Systems

9:15 Yu Ding, Industrial and Systems Engineering. System informatics: combining engineering knowledge and big data for better model building and decision making.

9:30 Tahir Cagin, Materials Science and Engineering. Big Data and Materials Science

9:45 David Toback, Physics and Astronomy. Big Computing and the Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy

10:00 Lucas Macri, Physics and Astronomy, Analysis challenges for Astronomy in the era of ‘Big Data’

10:15 Discussion. Chair: Yu Ding

11:00-12:30 Session B: Resources and Life Sciences

11:00 Binayak Mohanty, Biological and Agricultural Engineering. A Grand Challenge Problem in Hydrology and Water Resources – Integration of Process Understanding vs. Observational Data from Different Platforms and Scales

11:15 Shay Simpson, Texas A&M AgriLife Research. Big Data – Applications for research and production agriculture.

11:30 Charles Johnson, Texas A&M Agrilife Research, NGS: A Radical Transformation of Life Science

11:45 Michael Bishop, Geography, Center for Geospatial Sciences, Applications and Technology (GEOSAT), Providing Solutions for “Big Data”, Transdisciplinary and Community Issues and Problems.

12:00 Daniel Goldberg, Geography. Big GeoData Problems – High Volume Transactions and National Datasets

12:15 Discussion. Chair: Binayak Mohanty

1:30-3:00 Session C: Transport, Statistics, Society and Humanities

1:30 Venky Shankar, Mays Business School, Big Data and Marketing

1:45 Bani Mallick, Statistics, A Statistician’s view on Big Data

2:00 Ed Hard, Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Applications of Cellular, GPS, and Bluetooth Data in Origin-Destination Studies

2:15 Laura Mandell, Inititative for Digital Humanities, Media & Culture, The Early Modern OCR Project

2:30 Hye-Chung Kum, School of Public Health, Population Informatics and the Social Genome.

2:45 Discussion. Chair: Bani Mallick

3:30-4:30 Session D: Computing Systems & Methods

3:30 Dilma Da Silva, Computer Science and Engineering, Plumbing the Computing Platforms of Big Data

3:45 Guy Almes, Academy for Advanced Telecommunications, Big Data: Movement, Crunching, and Sharing

4:00 Nick Duffield, Electrical and Computer Engineering. Managing incompleteness, complexity, and scale in Big Data.

4:15 Discussion. Chair: Dilma Da Silva

4:30-5:00 Summary Discussion and Next Steps