Time: Fridays 4:00-5:10pm

Location: CHEN 108

Instructor: Dr. Paul V. Gratz ( pgratz@gratz1.com )

Section: 602 (note, if you are in a different section, you are in a different group’s seminar)

To receive the full credit for this course, you must meet the following requirements:

Attend all seminars.  You are responsible for attending seminars whenever they are scheduled. Most seminars will be on Fridays however some will not. Sometimes the CESG seminars will be held at the alternate location.  To see the time and location of each seminar, open the CESG Seminar Webpage below.
Note: You are allowed to skip a total of 3 scheduled seminars during the course of the semester w/o penalty.  The aim of the skips and alternates is to handle occasions when you are unable to attend seminar for any reason.  No other excused absences will be allowed.

Complete a brief report for each seminar in class. Report forms will be distributed at the beginning of each seminar. The report is due immediately after the CESG seminar. You can click here to download the report template. The report should be brief while highlighting the key points from each seminar. If you attend an alternate ECEN 681 and like to count it as a part of ECEN 681-601, the report form needs to be signed by the host/organizer of that seminar and handed to the CESG seminar instructor by the next day.

Here is a link to the report template.

The seminar schedule can be found at the CESG Seminar Webpage