ECEN 689-603 Special Topics in Data Science for Communications Networks

Please see links above for the syllabus and the class notes.


Instructor: Nick Duffield

E-mail: duffieldng AT tamu DOT edu

Phone: (979) 845-7328

Class times: HELD 111, Mon/Wed 03:00-04:15pm

Office hours: WEB 332D, Mon/Wed 11:00am-12:00pm


Graduate standing; instructor approval; working background in networking, probability, statistics


Homework 50%; Project 15%; Presentation 15%; Final Exam 20%;

Discussion of homework assignments is encouraged, but copying is not allowed.  Assignments must be handed in on time to receive full credit

Course Materials

Background references:

Baron: Probability and Statistics for Computer Scientists (2nd Edition)

Peterson & Davie: Computer Networks (5th Edition)

Mitzenmacher and Upfal: Probability and Computing 

Detailed references: selections from

Leskovec, Rajaraman& Ullman: Mining of Massive Data Sets

Kolaczyk: Statistical Analysis of Network Data: Methods and Models.

Review articles and tutorials:

Duffield: Sampling for Passive Internet Measurement: A Review

Cormode, Duffield: Sampling for Big Data

Research literature references: will be communicated in class notes