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 Current Graduate Students:

  • Ting-Jui Chang, M.S. (National Tsing Hua Univ.)
  • Yukun He, M.S. (B.S., Southeast Univ.)
  • Hanbin Hu, Ph. D. (B.S., M.S., Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • Jeonjun Lee, Ph. D. (B.S. & M.S., Seoul National University)
  • Yang Li, M.S. (B.S. Beijing Inst. of Technology)
  • Yu Liu, Ph.D. (B.S., Fudan University; M.S., Purdue University)
  • Yu-Yen Pan, M.S. (National Tsing Hua Univ.)
  • Laisha Prakash, M.S. (B.S., Vellore Institute of Technology)
  • Deepika Ravipati, M.S.
  • Ashvin Shenoy Renjal, M. S. (BMS College of Engineering)
  • Myung Seok Shim, Ph.D. (B.S., Sung Kyun Kwan University)
  • Sai Sourabh Yenamachintala, M.S. (B.S., National Institute of Technology, Warangal)
  • Yu Wang, M.S. (B.S., Fudan University)
  • Xin Zhan, Ph. D. (B.S. and M.S., Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology)
  • Wenrui Zhang, Ph.D. (B.S., University of Science and Technology of China)
  • Renqian Zhang, M.S. (B.S., Fudan University)
  • Chenye Zhao, M.S. (B.S., Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology)

Current Undergraduate Researchers:

  • Ayaz Abdullah
  • Suil Lee
  • Abdullah Alquwayzani


  • Xuchong Zhang, Visiting Ph. D. student, Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Xi’an Jiaotong University (Oct 2017 -)

Past Group Members:

Graduated Doctoral Students: [Defense & commencement pictures]

  • Jimmy (Yingyezhe) Jin, Ph. D., August 2018 (B.S., Zhejiang University)
    Thesis tile: “Architectures and Training Algorithms of Deep Spiking Neural Networks”
    First employment: Research Engineer, Facebook, Bay Area, California
  • Ya (Tony) Wang, Ph.D., December 2017 (B.S., Xi’an Jiaotong University)
    Thesis tile: “Efficient and Robust Simulation, Modeling and Characterization of IC Power Delivery Circuits”
    First employment: Google, Bay Area, California
  • Honghuang Lin, Ph.D., August 2016 (B.S., Tsinghua University)
    Thesis tile: “Algorithms for Verification of Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated
    Current employment: Apple, Bay Area, California
  • Qian Wang, Ph. D. August 2016 (B.S., Harbin Inst. of Technology; M.S., U. of Kansas)
    Thesis tile: “Architectures and Design of VLSI Machine Learning Systems””
    Current employment: Computer Vision Research Engineer, Apple, Bay Area, CA
  • Parijat Mukherjee, Ph. D. December 2014 (B. Tech. National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli; M.S., Texas A&M)
    Thesis tile: “Detection and Diagnosis of Out-of-Specification Failures in Mixed-Signal Circuits”
    First employment: Strategic CAD Laboratories, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Tong Xu, Ph. D. December y 2014 (B. S., Tianjin Univ.)
    Thesis tile: “Circuit and System Level Design Optimization for Power Delivery and Management”
    First employment: Cadence Design Systems, San Jose, California
  • Suming Lai, Ph.D. December 2014 (B.S., M.S., Xi’an Jiaotong Univ.)
    Thesis tile: “Modeling, Design and Optimization of IC Power Delivery with On-chip Voltage Regulation”
    First employment: Maxim, San Diego, California
  • Yong Zhang, Ph. D. May 2014 (B. S., Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.)
    Thesis tile: “Simulation and Design of Biological and Biologically-Motivated Computing Systems”
    First employment: Cadence Design Systems, San Jose, California
  • Yongtae Kim, Ph. D. December 2013 (B. S., M. S., Korea Univ.)
    Thesis tile: “Energy Efficient and Error Resilient Neuromorphic Computing in VLSI”
    Current position: Assistant Professor, Kyungpook National University, Korea
    Previous employment: Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, California
  • Leyi Yin, Ph.D. December 2012 (B.S., M.S., Tsinghua Univ.)
    Thesis tile: “Formal Verification and In-Situ Test of Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits”
    First employment: Cirrus Logic, Austin, TX
  • Zhiyu (Albert) Zeng, Ph.D. December 2011 (B.S., Zhejiang Univ.)
    Thesis tile: “Scalable Analysis, Verification and Design of IC Power Delivery”
    First employment: Samsung Austin Research Center (SARC), Austin, TX
  • Xiaoji Ye, Ph.D. December 2010 (M.S., Texas A&M, B.S., Wuhan Univ.)
    Thesis tile: “Parallel VLSI Circuit Analysis and Optimization”
    First employment: Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR
  • Guo Yu, Ph.D., December 2009 (M.S., TU Delft, B. S., Fudan Univ.)
    Thesis tile: “Modeling, Test and Optimization of Robust Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs”
    First employment: Oracle Corporation, Austin, TX
  • Wei Dong, Ph.D., August 2009 (M.S., Shanghai JiaoTong Univ., B. S., Xi’an Jiaotong Univ.)
    Thesis tile: “Parallel Algorithms for Time and Frequency Domain Circuit Simulation”
    First employment: Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX
  • Zhuo Feng, Ph.D. August 2009 (M.S., National Univ. of Singapore, B. S., Xi’an JiaoTong Univ.)
    Thesis tile: “Modeling, Analysis and Verification of Large-Scale On-Chip Interconnect”
    Employment: Associate Professor (NSF Career Award Recipient), Michigan Tech. University

Graduated Masters Students:

  • Amarnath Mahadevuni, M.S., May 2018 (B.Tech., Indian Inst. of Technology, Roorkee)
    Thesis title: “Autonomous Navigation using Reinforcement Learning with Spiking Neural Networks”
    First employment: Nvidia, Durham, NC
  • Qingran Zheng, M.S., December 2017 (B.S., Beijing Inst. of Tech.)
    Thesis title: “Hybrid Verification for Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits”
    First employment: Synopsys, Mountain View, California
  • Seungjai Ahn, M.S., May 2017 (B.S., University of Washington)Thesis title: “Energy-efficient Q-Learning for Collision Avoidance of Autonomous Robots”
    First employment: Intelligent Safety Research Team, Hyundai, Uiwang, Korea
  • Sushirdeep Narayana, M.S., May 2017 (B.S., National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Karnataka)
    Thesis title: “Affect Recognition using Electroencephalography Features”
    Ph.D. student, UIC
  • Ang Li, M.S., August 2016 (B.S., Tsinghua University)
    Thesis title: “HNoise-sensitive loop identification for linear time-varying analog
    First employment: Analog Devices, Greensboro, NC
  •  Sai Srujan Gudibandi, M.S., August 2016 (B.S., Indian Inst. of Tech. Bhubaneswar)
    Thesis title: “PPG heart rate detection in the presence of motion artifacts”
    First employment: Global Prior Art Inc., Boston
  • Youjie Li, M.S., May 2016 (B. S., Changchun U. of Science & Tech.)
    Thesis title: ““Energy efficient spiking neuromorphic architectures for pattern
    Ph.D. student, ECE, UIUC
  • Yen-Ju Lin, M.S., August 2016 (B.S., National Taiwan University)
    Thesis title: “FPGA-based cascade support vector machine with integrated
  • Hariharan  Bhagavatheeswaran, M.S., December 2015 (B.Tech., National Institute of Tech., Tiruchirappalli)
    Thesis title: “Hardware accelerator for HMM based speech recognition”
    First employment: Qualcomm, San Jose, California
  • Di Gao, M.S., Dember 2015 (B.S., Harbin Inst. of Tech.)
    Thesis title: “Multi-harmonic modeling of low-power PWM DC-DC Converters”
    First employment: Cadence Systems, San Jose, Californi
  • Kumaran Thulasiraman, M.S., August 2015 (B.Tech., National Institute of Tech., Tiruchirappalli)
    Thesis title: “Enhanced reinforcement learning with attentional feedback and temporally attenuated distal rewards”
    First employment: Cisco, San Jose, California
  • David Fan, M.S., May 2015 (B.S. in BME, Duke Univ.)
    Thesis title: “Backpropagation for continuous theta neuron networks”
    Ph.D. student, GaTech
  • Nityendra Singh, M.S., December 2014 (B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur)
    Thesis title: “Training Algorithms for Networks of Spiking Neurons”
    First employment: Cadence Design Systems, San Jose, California
  • Botang Shao, M.S., August 2014 (B.S., Harbin Inst. of Technology)
    Thesis title: “Design of Energy-Efficient Approximate Arithmetic Circuits”
    First employment: Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, Texas
  • Shaodao James Yu, M.S., August 2014 (B.S., University of Texas at Dallas)
    Thesis title: “EEG-based Drowsiness Detection using Support Vector Machine”
    First employment: BioTex, Inc., Houston, Texas
  • Ahmad Bashaireh, M.S., May 2014 (B.S.,Univ. of Jordan)
    Thesis title: “Design Robustness Analysis of Neuromorphic Circuits”
    Continuing for PhD at ECE TAMU
  • Ruicheng Dai, M.S., August 2012 (B.S., Zhejiang Univ.)
    Thesis title: “Parallel and Distributed Multi-Algorithm Circuit Simulation”
    First employment: Nvidia, Santa Clara, California
  • Jingzhen Hu, M.S., May 2012 (B.S., Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications)
    Thesis title: “Biophysically accurate Brain Modeling and Simulation Using Hybrid MPI/OpenMP Parallel Processing”
    First employment: Advanced Micro Devices(AMD), Sunnyvale, California
  • Yue Deng, M.S., May 2012 (B.S., Xi’an Jiaotong Univ.)
    Thesis title: “SAT-based Verification for Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits”
    First employment: Zipalog, Plano, Texas
  • Mingchao Wang, M.S., May 2012 (B.S., Zhejiang Univ.)
    Thesis title: “Large-Scale Simulation of Neural Networks with Biophysically Accurate Models on Graphics Processors”
    First employment: Mentor Graphics, Oregon
  •  Amandeep Singh, M.S., May 2011 (B.E., Punjab Engineering College)
    Thesis title: “Behavioral model equivalence checking for large analog/mixed signal systems”
    First employment: Cypress Semiconductors, California
  • Parijat Mukherjee , M.S., December 2010 (B.S., National Institute of Tech., Tiruchirappalli)
    Thesis title: “Automatic stability checking for large analog circuits”
    (Now PhD student in the same group)
  • Shivananda Reddy, M.E., December 2010.
    First employment: Nvidia, Santa Clara, California
  • Hsiang-Wen Chiu, M.E., December 2010.
  • Srinath Narasimhan, M.S., May 2010 (Defended in Nov. 2009)
    Thesis title: “Circuit Optimization Using Efficient Parallel Pattern Search”
    First employment: Intel Corp., Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Akshit Dayal, M.S., December 2009
    Thesis title: “Robust Optimization of Nanometer SRAM Designs”
    First employment: Texas Instruments, Houston, Texas
  • Chang Zhao, M.S., December 2009
    Thesis title: “Statistical Performance Modeling of SRAMs”
    First employment: Precision Reservoir Modeling Inc., Houston, TX (now with Synopsys, Hillsboro, OR)
  • Vaidyanatha Sambasivan, M.E., December 2009
    First employment: Nvidia Corp., Santa Clara, California
  • Ramanathan Swaminathan, M.E., December 2009
    First employment: ARM Inc., San Jose, California
  • Arunprasad Venkatraman, M.E., August 2009
    First employment: Nvidia Corp., Santa Clara, California
  • Tong Zhu, M.E., August 2008
  • Xiaoji Ye, M.S., August 2007
    Thesis title: “Fast High-Order Variation-Aware IC Interconnect Analysis”
    Pursued Ph.D. in the same group
  • Jihun Oh, M.E., May 2006 (pursued Ph.D. at U. of Minnesota)

Past Undergraduate Students:

  • Paul Crouther, currently Ph. D. student, CS, UMass
  • Jui Yen Chua
  • Peter Adkins
  • Patrick Cramer
  • Trung Le
  • Andy Chang
  • Catherine Ockman
  • Jong Hyun Park


  • Dr. Xiaoyu Xu, Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2015 – 2016 )
  • Dr. Song Qiu, East China Normal University  (2016- 2017)
  • Dr.  Dani A. Tannir, Lebanese American University (Fulbright Scholar, July 2014 to October 2014)
  • Yue Shi, Chengdu University of Information Technology (2014 – 2015)
  • Prof. Liang Feng, Department of Microelectronics, Xi’an Jiaotong University (2011 – 2012)
  • Dr. Boyuan Yan, University of California, Riverside (2010 – 2012)