Smart Phones


The Smart Phone Initiative is an ongoing activity aimed at enhancing the academic experience of engineering students at Texas A&M University. The primary objective of this activity is to facilitate the integration of research into undergraduate and graduate education. Key to the success of this program is the current enthusiasm among students for emerging technologies, and the comprehensive development resources associated with the Android platform.AM-Droiders

The Android programming environment often serves as a rallying point for students working on different engineering topics. Participants are encouraged to act as a community of experts and talk about their experiences with one another. Prototyping often poses many technical challenges. Getting involved in the Smart Phone Initiative entails being exposed to the frustrations and the rewards associated with open-ended engineering problems.

This project is made possible through the sponsorship of several organizations. For instance, smartphones were obtained through the generous support of Google and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University.

The initiative is co-directed by Prof. J-F. Chamberland, Prof. G. Huff, Prof. H. Pfister and Prof. S. Shakkottai.


The Smart Phone Laboratory is located in Room 002 Wisenbaker Engineering Building (basement). Equipment consists of 20 HTC Evo Android Smart Phones, 5 Samsung Galaxy, 4 Google Nexus-4 phones, and 6 Motorola Xoom tablets. Also available are Arduino microcontrollers and assorted wireless routers and laptops.


Several courses taught by the faculty involved formally include smart phone application development. These include:

  • ECEN 424 Fundamentals of Networking
  • ECEN 489 Mobile Applications with Android

The faculty involved each has their own research program. Prof. Shakkottai’s research includes device-to-device communication algorithms, scheduling and quality of service, incentives and mechanism design, pricing and billing as well as measurement and data analysis.