Students & Current Projects


Andrew Miller
Optimization of VR environments using NLP techniques (Phd)

Pranav Dhulipala
Optimization of human robot interface by leveraging all senses and VR emulation (Phd)


Rejath George                                Poornima Bevakal Gurushanthappa
Michael Hagaman                          Alexander Ngo
Optimization of CPU architecture for AI applications – (MS and undergrad)


  • Development of AR environment to assist in field army medics (with DOD)
  • Active Ankle Foot Orthesis (AAFO) P.A.C.T. (with Dr. Hangue Park)
  • Swarm robotic convoy for critical payload protection
  • Application of Pepper Robots to WEB greet and tour

  • Development of ML algorithms for efficient technology sales
  • Utilization of drones for antenna mapping and correction

  • ZACH drone guide development
  • Identification and deterrence of wildlife
  • Garbage collection point detection and route optimization
  • Printed Circuit Board Survivability in Sounding Rockets
  • Optimized hands free referee tracking of game stats
  • Development of heads up display for water crafts