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CESG Seminar: In-Situ Insight: Exploiting Smartphone Observations in Wireless Links and Networks

October 4, 2013 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Room 1034 ETB

Joseph Camp
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Southern Methodist University

Today’s mobile phones have impressive computational, sensing, and storage resources. However, often times smartphone resources are overlooked when deploying wireless networks or designing protocols across various levels of the network stack. This leads to a key question and the central focus of this talk: since smartphones are pervasive to every type of user environment, can in-situ observations taken from these same devices improve wireless links and networks? In particular, we deploy a mobile phone measurement infrastructure and then leverage our data repository of over 150 million global measurements to make key observations about channel and path loss variation and user behavior over time and space. As a result of these findings, we then build robust protocols which are optimized for the context in which they are operating and plan efficient wireless network deployments which significantly reduce coverage holes and excessive coverage overlap. In addition, we highlight typical user patterns observed in the repository and show how these measurements can be leveraged for channel emulation of any sufficiently populated region around the world.

Joseph Camp is an Assistant Professor and J. Lindsay Embrey Trustee Professor of Electrical Engineering at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He joined the SMU faculty in 2009 after receiving his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rice University. He received an M.S. at Rice and B.S. with honors from the University of Texas at Austin, both in ECE. His research interests are in the areas of wireless networking and embedded systems, specifically focused on deployment, measurement, and analysis of large-scale wireless networks and development of embedded protocols for network hardware. His research team has performed over 100 million in-field wireless measurements around the world via Android deployment and local characterization via campus buses, vehicles, and buildings. He was the Chief Network Architect for the Technology For All (TFA) Network, a mesh deployment in Houston, TX which serves 4,000 users in an under-resourced community. He received the Ralph Budd Award for the best engineering thesis at Rice University in 2010 and the National Science Foundation CAREER Award in 2012.


October 4, 2013
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm