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Fishbowl Teleseminar: Addressing Wireless Throughput Scalability Using Power Lines in Enterprise Networks

March 26, 2015 @ 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

CESG Fishbowl (Room 333 WEB)

Kannan Srinivasan
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
The Ohio State University


Global synchronization across time and frequency domains significantly benefits wireless communications. Multi-Cell (Network) MIMO, interference alignment solutions, opportunistic routing techniques in ad-hoc networks, OFDMA etc. all necessitate synchronization in either time or frequency domain or both. In this talk, I will present Vidyut, a system we built that exploits the easily accessible and ubiquitous power line infrastructure to achieve synchronization in time and frequency domains across nodes distributed beyond a single collision domain. Vidyut uses the power lines to transmit a reference frequency tone to which each node locks its frequency. Vidyut exploits the steady periodicity of delivered power signal itself to synchronize distributed nodes in time. We validate the extent of Vidyut’s synchronization and evaluate its effectiveness. We verify Vidyut’s suitability for wireless applications such as OFDMA and multi-cell MIMO by validating the benefits of global synchronization in an enterprise wireless network. Our experiments show a throughput gain of 8.2x over MegaMIMO, 7x over NEMOx and 2.5x over OFDMA systems.


Kannan Srinivasan is an Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University (OSU). He graduated with a Ph.D from Stanford University in 2010 and was a post doctoral researcher at the University of Texas at Austin for a year before joining OSU in 2011. He has won multiple awards; Lumley Research Award 2015, Excellent performance award from OSU-CSE, Best Paper Finalist at MobiCom 2014, Best Paper Runner-Up at IPSN 2013, NSF CAREER Award in 2013, Best Paper Award at MobiCom 2010, Best Paper Runner-Up at MobiCom 2010, Best Demo Award at MobiCom 2010, Fellowship from Stanford-ECE and a Presidential Award from Oklahoma State University.

His work on wireless in-band full duplex broke a century-old belief that a wireless cannot send and receive on the same frequency simultaneously. This work got significant media attention, and has both the theory and systems communities revisit their first principles. It is being commercialized by a Stanford start-up company.



March 26, 2015
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm