Funded Research Projects

NSF NSF “Real-Time: Learning-Mediated Control for Traffic Shaping.” National Science Foundation (NSF), 2018-2020.

NSF NSF-Intel “SPLICE: Secure Predictive Low-Latency Information Centric Edge for Next Generation Wireless Networks.” National Science Foundation (NSF) and Intel, 2017-2020. Project website.

NSF NSF EARS “Creating an Ecosystem for Enhanced Spectrum Utilization Through Dynamic Market Mechanisms.” National Science Foundation (NSF), 2015-2018.

NSF NSF RIPS “Strategic Analysis and Design of Robust and Resilient Interdependent Power and Communications Networks.” National Science Foundation (NSF), 2014-2018.

AFOSR “A Holistic Approach to Networked Information Systems Design and Analysis.” Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) 2013-2015.

DTRA “Towards a Theory of Self Organizing Networks for Countering WMD Attacks.” Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) 2013-2015.

NSF NSF CAREER Award “Beyond Akamai and BitTorrent: Information and Decision Dynamics in Content Distribution Networks.” National Science Foundation (NSF), 2012-2018.

NSF“Value-Aware Network Resource Allocation: A Distributed Optimization Approach.” Google Research Award, 2010-2011.

NSF NSF NeTS “Modeling, Design and Emulation of P2P Real-Time Streaming Networks.” National Science Foundation (NSF), 2010-2013.

DTRA DTRA Young Investigator Award: “Towards Resilient Information-Aware Communication Networks.” Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) 2009-2011.

NSF NSF NeTS “Designing a Content-Aware Internet Ecosystem.” National Science Foundation (NSF), 2009-2013.

QTel “Design and Performance Analysis of Next Generation Broadband Wireless Communication Networks.”, QTel, 2009-2011.

Cisco “Content-Aware Distribution Networks.” Cisco Collaborative Research Initiative (CCRI) and the Cisco Research Center (CRC), 2008-2009.