Research Areas

VLSI Circuits and Systems

Research in the VLSI circuits and systems area is focused on Electronic Design Automation (EDA) of digital and analog circuits as well as VLSI design. Current research projects cover all strategically important areas including logic synthesis, layout synthesis, modeling, simulation, low power, reliability, testing, design for manufacturability, hardware/software co-design, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and System-on-Silicon (SOC), and hardware acceleration of EDA algorithms.

Faculty: Gwan Choi Jiang Hu, Sunil KhatriPeng Li, JV RajendranWeiping Shi, Starvos Kalafatis

Computer Aided Design and Synthesis

Research in this area is focused on optimization for energy-efficient VLSI circuits, design for testability, on-chip communication fabrics, dynamic power management, adaptive circuit design, interactions between physical design and system-level design, heuristics for large scale combinatorial optimization.

Faculty: Gwan Choi Jiang HuSunil Khatri, Peng LiWeiping Shi

Computer Architecture

Research in the computer architecture area is focused on on security, power, reliability and performance of the future chip-multiprocessor (CMP) and multiprocessor system-on-chip (MPSoC) designs as well as computer arithmetic.

Faculty: Paul Gratz, Mi Lu,  Stavros Kalafatis

Communication Networks

Research in the Computer Networks area is focused on network protocols, routing algorithms, quality of service (QOS), security, survivability, support for multimedia, network coding, wireless communication networks and wireless sensor networks.

Faculty: I-Hong HouP.R. Kumar,  Narasimha ReddySrinivas Shakkottai, Alex Sprintson, Xi Zhang

Computer Systems

Research in the Systems area is focused on fault-tolerant systems, storage and file systems, computer architecture, multiprocessors on a chip, cloud computing, and distributed systems.

Faculty:  Paul Gratz, I-Hong HouP.R. Kumar, JV RajendranNarasimha Reddy, Alex Sprintson, Starvos Kalafatis

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Research in the ML-AI area is focused in two streams. The first pertains to algorithms and applications, including data science, online learning, reinforcement learning, as well as applications to networked and control systems. The second pertains to computational platforms for ML-AI, including VLSI realization of ML algorithms and multicore architectures supporting ML.

Faculty: Gwan Choi, Nick Duffield, Paul Gratz, I-Hong Hou, Jiang Hu, Sunil Khatri,  P.R. Kumar,  Kevin NowkaSrinivas Shakkottai.


Research being conducted under the Advanced Robotics in Manufacturing Consortium (ARM) and focusing on human robot interface, manufacturing automation, path planning, robot security and safety.

Faculty: Starvos Kalafatis, P.R. Kumar


Research in the security area is focused on VLSI security, computer security, network security, and cyber-physical systems security among other security issues that impact society.

Faculty:  Jiang Hu, JV RajendranNarasimha ReddyP.R. Kumar, Sunil Khatri, Nick Duffield

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Research focused on optimized integration of voice in VR systems to provide a more natural human interface. Augmented reality solutions looking into medical, mechanical, aeronautical training and latency reduction.

Faculty: Starvos Kalafatis