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Texas A&M University

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My key areas of long term impact include:

My PhD work developed the world’s first fabric-based regular VLSI design paradigm, key aspects of which are used in any industrial VLSI IC design flow today. Without the use of a regular fabric based design style, predictable lithography would simply be impossible.

My work (with students Chunjie Duan and Brock LaMeres) on capacitive and inductive cross-talk canceling CODECS (CACs) in the early 2000s was the first in this arena, and opened up a rich and healthy area of research in this domain.

My group (with student Kanupriya Gulati) was the first to propose the use of GPU-based accelerators for VLSI CAD algorithms, in the areas of circuit simulation, logic simulation, fault simulation, Statistical Static Timing Analysis and Boolean Satisfiability.

My work (with student Monther Abusultan) was the first to propose the use of flash (floating gate) transistors to design logic circuits. To date, flash transistors have only been used for non-volatile memory applications

While I worked at Motorola, Inc., I co-invented (with Roger Countryman) a high-speed off-chip IO driver with self-adjusting output impedance. This driver is extensively used in industry for high-speed IO applications today.

My current work leverages the deep insights obtained from these and other past research efforts, to deliver lasting, impactful contributions in the area of hardware based machine intelligence, as well as secure computing at the hardware and software levels.